Zoom the Text of Outlook Items (Outlook 2007)

Outlook 2007 gives you the ability to zoom in or out on the body text of e-mail messages, calendar entries, tasks, and contacts. This is an easy-to-use feature that takes only a few minutes to learn and could save you some eyestrain.

The next two figures show a bit of text from an e-mail message magnified at 100% and 200%.

100% zoom

The body at 100% zoom.

200% zoom

The body at 200% zoom.

The ability to zoom like this can be a huge benefit for anyone who has trouble reading the text on the screen. As always, there are a few things to be aware of when you use this feature.

If you look carefully at the two figures, you will notice that the text and image in the body of the message zoomed, but the Subject line didn't. Only the part of the item where you could enter large amounts of text and images zooms. The body of a message, calendar entry, or task will zoom, as will the notes field of a contact. The menus and toolbars and buttons and anything else stay the same size regardless of how you zoom.

Additional things you need to know to be able to use zoom:

  • The item you want to zoom must be open in its own window.

  • The cursor must be in in the zoomable area of the item. Clicking in that area enables zooming.

  • The Zoom command appears in the Other Actions menu for messages, and in the Zoom group of the Format Text tab of the Ribbon for other Outlook items.

The Zoom dialog box itself looks like this:

the zoom dialog box

The Zoom dialog box.

Just select the level of zoom you want to use from the available options. This dialog box comes from Word 2007, so some of the options aren't available in Outlook.

Whenever you select a zoom level, the Preview area changes to give you some idea of what text will look like if you use that zoom level.

Click OK to close the dialog box and apply the new zoom level. Your eyes will thank you.

From here you can:

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