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Pittsburgh Steelers - Get the Steelers NFL Schedule into Outlook

You asked if you could get the complete Steelers schedule in your Outlook calendar? Let's do it.

It will only take a few minutes to set this up, then you'll never have to wonder what time the Steelers game is again.

What we're going to do is import a copy of the Steelers schedule into Outlook as a separate calendar that you can view. This makes sense, particularly if you are doing this on a work computer, as the boss may not take kindly to you cluttering up your work calendar with an NFL schedule. Ready?

Get the Steelers NFL Schedule into Outlook 2007

Follow these steps to download the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL sched and install it in an Outlook Calendar:

  1. Start Outlook if it is not already running.

  2. Click THIS LINK to go to the Yahoo Sports page for the Pittsburgh Steerlers and start the process.

  3. Click the Add to Calendar link. This opens a small menu.

  4. Click Outlook in the menu. This opens the dialog box shown below.

  5. Click OK to continue. The dialog box below appears.

  6. Ensure that Open with is selected and that "Microsoft Office Outlook" appears in the list box.

  7. Click OK to continue. Your computer downloads the schedule and adds it to a new Outlook Calendar. Outlook displays the Calendar view with the new Steelers calendar. It will looks something like the screen below.

  8. The calendar on the right contains the Steelers season schedule. You can look at that calendar whenever you are in Calendar view, using the controls in the Navigation Pane.

    Enjoy the games!

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