Making Life With Outlook Easier and More Fun

Thanks for stopping by! I assume you are here because you are a Microsoft Outlook user. If you work in a corporate office, you probably use this sophisticated program for hours Monday through Friday, if not seven days a week. And if you are using it at home, you probably still fire it up at least several times a week. If you're like me, you practically live with it.

This site is here to make living with Outlook easier and more fun. It answers common questions. Gives you tips. Shows you tricks. Helps you get the day-to-day benefits that come from owning a great tool and using it well. And make no mistake, this is a great tool. Whether you are using it strictly to send and receive email, or it is your resource for managing all your personal information, this is one capable and versatile tool.

That's all well and good, but why should you stay here and listen to me? My name is Bill Mann. I'm your guide to all of Outlook's coolest, most useful features. As the leader of numerous online courses on the subject (currently Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013) and author of two books on it as well, I've taught thousands of people the basics.

The people I work with are an interesting and diverse bunch. Many of my students and readers have full-time jobs and need to use this beast in the real world to help them get their work done in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Another large segment is people returning to the workforce after months, even years doing other stuff. As you can imagine, a big chunk of this group is moms returning to work after raising one or more children. With the rate that technology changes, even the most tech-savvy person will likely find that the tools they were experts with when they left have changed drastically and that a refresher is in order.

The third major group I work with is retirees. Retirement means many changes in lifestyle and often physical location, but many of these folks are unwilling to lose their connection to friends and colleagues because of this. They turn to Outlook as a way to keep in touch, keep their new lives (and hopefully busy social calendars) organized, and keep their minds sharp. Like I said, a diverse and interesting bunch.

chances are, you probably probably fit into one of these groups. If so, you'll be glad to know that this site contains the answers to the most common questions these people have asked me over the years. I bet it contains the answers to your questions too.

So please take some time and explore the site. You'll find everything from detailed instructions on setting up new mail accounts, tips on getting free stuff, even ways to reduce (although not eliminate) the flood of junk mail you are probably drowning in.

Again, welcome!

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