Making Life With Outlook Easier and More Fun

You use Outlook every day. You practically live with it. This site is here to make that easier and more fun. It answers common questions. Gives you tips. Shows you tricks. Helps you get the day-to-day benefits of this incredibly powerful tool.

As the leader of two online courses and author of two books on this product, I've taught thousands of people the basics. Most of my students and readers have full-time jobs and need to use Outlook in the real world. You're probably a lot like them. If so, you'll be glad to know that this site contains the answers to their most common questions. And probably the answers to yours too.

The focus of this site is Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007. There are some significant differences between the two versions, and I've marked it anywhere one of those differences affects what you see on this site.

So please take some time and explore the site. You'll find everything from detailed instructions on setting up new mail accounts, tips on getting free stuff, even ways to reduce (although not eliminate) the flood of junk mail you are probably drowning in. As we roll into 2008 and beyond, you'll also start seeing more reviews, as I test out add-ins and other programs that can make living with Outlook easier and more fun.

NOTE: If you're new to all this and looking to learn the basics, you should consider joining me and other people like you in an online course, or reading my Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 books.

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Outlook Web Mail Accounts
Deal with all your email in one place. Detailed instructions for Outlook web mail account access.
General Microsoft Office Outlook News
The latest Microsoft Office Outlook News
The Living With Outlook (LWO) Blog
Current news and information related to Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, 2007, and the Living With Outlook (LWO) website. Subscribe here.
Introduction to Outlook 2007
An introduction to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Outlook Articles - Articles on Living With Outlook 2007
Outlook Articles - Articles related to living and working with Outlook 2007.
Microsoft Outlook Training
Learn about my online Microsoft Outlook training course and how you can sign up.
About Outlook 2007 Email
The home page for the Outlook 2007 email section of Living With Outlook.
Great Free Outlook Stuff and Where to Get It
Free Outlook goodies you can download. Find out what freebies are available, which are best, and where you can get them.
My Favorite Outlook Tips
A collection of my favorite Microsoft Outlook tips. The little Outlook tips that make a big day-to-day difference. Work smarter, not harder!
Top Tips for Living with Outlook eBooks, 2nd Edition
Second Edition Top Tips eBooks make life with Outlook easier and more efficient.
Book: How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. A book by Bill Mann
Book: How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Book: How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Find Outlook items. Search messages and anything else in Outlook.
Outlook can hold so much information, that the big issue shifts to finding what you want. Search for email and other items, as well as within items.
Finding and Installing Microsoft Outlook Updates
Tap into the endless stream of Microsoft Outlook updates to keep your software working its best.
An Outlook Data Management Plan
A plan for managing Outlook data that makes backup easy.
Which Do I Have: Outlook or Outlook Express?
Figure out in seconds whether you have Outlook or Outlook Express installed,
Get Mobile Access to Your Outlook Data
A central point for information and reviews on the many ways to get mobile access to your Outlook data.
The Outlook Add-Ins and Extensions Page
Add in Outlook power and features with add-ins. Get my take on these cool little programs that customize Outlook to work the way you want it to.
Search the Site
Use this page to search the Living With Outlook site.
Feedback Form
A place to provide me with feedback about the site.
Product Reviews Page
Links to Outlook-related product reviews
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
NFL Schedules - Get Your Favorite Team Into Outlook
Links to directions for getting your favorite team's NFL schedule into Outlook 2007.
Configure Outlook 2007
Links to various options for configuring Outlook 2007.
Minnesota Vikings Schedule
Learn how to download the Vikings schedule into an Outlook calendar.